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GlossWorks Environmental/LEED Benefits

The Leadership on Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building System is an environmental certification program that encourages sustainable green building and development. Polished concrete/terrazzo is the only LEED Platinum, Gold, and Silver certified flooring system that contributes to your organization's LEED status:

» Recycling: you re-use your existing slabs
» Eliminiates flooring failure due to moisture - no spalling, seams, or splitting, avoiding replacement that hurts the environment (and your budget)
» No harmful chemical strippers or waxes required - simply wash with a natural cleaner.
» Polished concrete/terrazzo is the preferred "sanitary" flooring system - the diamond polishing process gives you the "tightest" microscopic finish available, leaving little or no room for the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold or viruses.
» The process is clean, dust-free, and has zero environmental impact.