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GlossWorks Polished Concrete - Industrial Solutions

GlossWorks Industrial Solutions GlossWorks Industrial Solutions is the ideal choice for high traffic, high wear floors in manufacturing facilities and service shops & bays. During our process, the floor is densified, increasing its abrasion and impact resistance, reducing the likelihood of cracking, pitting and spawling.

In today's increasingly competitive manufacturing environment, cost cutting is a major priority. As such, major manufacturers such as Toyota and GM have made polished concrete the standard floor installation in all their facilities as it is the least costly floor to maintain as it never needs to be replaced. Furthermore, a polished floor gives your facility a gleaming, bright appearance that is the cornerstone of 5S initiatives. Yellow aisle-lines and borders can be dyed into the floor to assist with the "Set-In-Order" portion of your 5S campaign.

Other benefits of polished concrete for industrial applications include:

GlossWorks Industrial Solutions » You never have to waste expensive labor on painting / waxing or re-appling epoxy coatings again!
» Up to 50% less wear of forklift tires
» A less dusty environment: polished concrete eliminates efflorescence (dusting) while still allowing the floor to breathe, extending its life
» Improved SAFETY: Polished concrete has a higher coefficient of friction that exceeds OSHA standards, reducing the likelihood of slips
» No downtime during installation: Once polished, areas can be put back into service immediately
» Enhanced lighting: a polished floor is so reflective, it often increases the lighting levels in your facility by up to 30%
» Can make old floors better than new: We can fill and blend pitting, cracks and chips to restore any floor to a like-new condition, saving thousands on replacement costs
» LEED environmental points for your facility

To see how polished concrete will look on your floor, call to schedule a demo.