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GlossWorks Polished Concrete - Residential Solutions

GlossWorks Industrial Solutions Is your garage floor tired-looking and hard to keep clean? Thinking of adding some "wow" to your upcoming kitchen renovation? Looking to update your basement or condo flooring to something a little more sophisticated? If you answered yes to any of these questions, GlossWorks Residential Solutions is the answer. Call to book a demo to see how polished concrete will look on your own floor. GlossWorks can remove your old floor covering at a discounted rate when combined with a polished concrete contract.

Garage Floors

A GlossWorks polished garage floor is so beautiful and reflective that you can actually see the reflection of the underbody of your car in it. Many car collectors are choosing GlossWorks polished concrete for their garages to enhance the display of their classic muscle cars. Your bright red '69 Camaro will impress even more visitors when complemented with our Tuscan Red dyed polished concrete floor.

GlossWorks Industrial Solutions For those who are just looking for a garage floor that is easier to sweep up and keep clean, GlossWorks polished concrete is the easiest floor to keep looking its best. Clean-ups are a breeze, and you will never have to re-seal your floor again.

Kitchen Countertops

Be sure to consider GlossWorks polished concrete counter-tops before your next kitchen reno. Less costly, and more beautiful than granite, our countertops provide the most beautiful shine and reflective properties. Also available in any color you choose, they are sure to match any color scheme you desire. Be sure to ask about our custom artistic engraving and available decorative aggregate options such as marble, glass, or stone chips.

Residential Flooring

Looking to upgrade your basement or condo flooring to something more sophisticated and trendy? Why not have GlossWorks remove your old floor covering and unleash the beauty hiding in the concrete below. Polished Concrete will give your dwelling a more natural look and earthy feel.

To see how polished concrete will look on your floor, call to schedule a demo.